Most headlights on modern vehicles are plastic (polycarbonate). Over time, due to oxidation of the painted-on lens hard coat by ultraviolet light from the sun, the headlamp bulbs and reflectors appear cloudy and discoloured.

Headlight restoration benefits

  • New headlights can cost hundreds of pounds (eg. Jaguar XF headlights £400+ each!)
  • Improves the look of your vehicle
  • Greater road safety as opacity will restrict light being emitted and can cause an MOT failure.
  • Headlights repaired in situ, so no need to have them re-aligned
  • Most restorations complete within 2 hours

Bumper Repair

If your bumper or other localised areas on your vehicle are scratched/scuffed then a local repair can be carried out without the need for your vehicle to be booked into a bodyshop and left for days. Small areas such as a bumper corner or wheel arch can be repaired and blended without the need to spray the whole panel.

  • Identify and mix vehicle colour
  • Fill & sand smooth damaged area
  • Remove contaminents with high quality degreaser
  • Apply base colour and blend into panel
  • Apply anti-scratch clear coat
  • Apply infra-red heat to cure painted area
  • Flat & polish to a smooth glossy finish


Please call us or send us an email or text message using your email address instead of number and we will get back to you. If you require a bumper repair, if at all possible please send photo of the damaged areas.

01252 716201


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